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Feature and Follow Friday: 23 March

FF 2012 Feature & Follow #80
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 Today's feature: Short and Sweet

Q: What is the longest book you’ve read? What are your favorite 600+ page reads?

Eragon by Paolini. It's a compilation of Eragon and Eldest, leading to more than 1000 pages. Brisigr is 1000 pages plus and I'm still reading it. Everyone should read the Inheritance series, it's one of the best. Any self respecting YA paranormal fanatic would say last book of Vampire Academy, Last Sacrifice(my review here), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series is highly recommended.

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Here are the links for the author interview and the giveaway, and also the review.

Alicia's website
Alicia's Facebook
Alicia on Goodreads

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Cedar Fort Blog
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  1. I'm gutted as I can't answer this week's question. I really have no idea, lol.

  2. I didn't realized that Last Sacrifice was that long!

    Liza’s Feature Friday

  3. OMG completely forgot about Last Sacrifice!!!! Epic book:))

    Amazing choice, new follower:)


  4. I keep meaning to read the Eragon books and I just haven't for some reason.

    new follower

  5. Yeah, Vampire Academy is awesome!!! And Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is definitely on my TBR list! Have a great Friday :)

    Here's my FF!

  6. Hi Jez,
    I actually never heard of the first book in your answer or the author. I have yet to read Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, did you like it?? Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
    Mariann at Belle's Book Bag

  7. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower of yours. I have to say, I read Eragon eons ago when the second book hadn't even been published yet and now I have forgotten the story line. I guess I have to pick it up again.

  8. It was so hard to remember the big books because I don't usually track pages - but how could I have forgotten The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - loved that series!

  9. I never quite got around to the Eragon series but my huband's been on me forEVER to read them :P

    Thanks for stopping by! Following back :)

    The Romanceaholic

  10. I didn't even think about Eldest because well...I didn't really like it much. That's what led me to stop reading the series. That was a long bugger of a book.

    My follow friday

  11. I never really got into Eragon. But definitely yes to the last book of The Vampire Academy.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Livin' Life Through Books

  12. Hopping through. I haven't read any of the Eragon books. I should some time.
    My Hop

  13. I have the Eragon series on my to-read list. I hope to read them soon! :)

  14. I haven't read this book. Perhaps I will one day, although my TBR pile is huge!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm now following you on GFC and Linky!

  15. If you consider the fact that the version of The Lord of The Rings I read was the one that’s one book with the 3 parts inside (1202 pages in the brazilian version), that would be the longest book I’ve ever read. But if you consider series to favorite 600+ page reads, hands down, Harry Potter. Not so much for the story, but for the feeling it brings me every time I think about it.

    I loved the Vampire Academy series! I read all the books in a matter of a week! Now I'm dying to put my hands on The Golden Lily!

    I did try to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but it definitely wasn't my cup of tea...

    I'm a new follower, btw!

    Murphy's Library

  16. Ohhhh! I have not read Eragon before, but I heard the series is really great. :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  17. I have yet to read Eragon! I really need to get to it. It is in my TBR pile, I just haven't had a chance yet. Thanks for stopping by my FF, New Follower :)


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