I'm a girl from a small small country(north of Thailand, south of  Singapore. You guess) who's simply addicted to books. I enjoy reading books of all genres quietly(which means no background music). Learning to draw and play decent music at the same time.

My faves:
Books : Dan Browns
            Stephanie Meyers
            L.J Smiths
            The House of Night series
            The Vampire Academy series
            Harry Potters

Reading Genres: Everything (especially YA and fantasy)

Movies: Dan Browns
            The Twilight Saga
Music: Classical (I know, so 18th century. But I'm learning piano, can't help but to be affected. Plus     there's some good music in there)
           Ballad(especially Christina Aguilera's Beautiful)
           Country ( Taylor Swifts in particular)
           Almost everything by Glee(almost)

Drama: House
            White Collar

I review nearly every book I read if I have the time, however, I don't review every book I read (I forget!). If you want me to review anything, or request for a guest post, please contact me.

If you have a complaint, random rants or a friend to chat with, fell free to mail away :

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