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Review: A BLUE SO DARK by Holly Schindler

Fifteen-year-old Aura Ambrose has been taking care of her mother since her father left them years ago. Life has been barely manageable then but it's even worse now, since her mother's schizophrenia has been so bad that she couldn't work anymore. Watching her own mother falling because of the disease, Aura shuns her own artistic and linguistic talents as she believes that art=crazy. It doesn't help that her best friend is doing nothing, cause she's too wrapped up in her own issues(pregnancy, boyfriend, whatnot). Watch Aura come into terms with her own artistic abilities and her mother's illness.

     Deeply moving and surprisingly relatable, Schindler spins a new tale of love. What I love most about the novel, though short(200+ pages) is the writing. Beautiful and highly lyrical, it felt like song to my ears, or extremely magickal writing to my inner poet(ress). I especially love the poems in the books, but now I can't give you an example cause the book's with my friend, and my memory ain't that good.

     The plot is well crafted, with some unexpected twists and expected turns. One thing though, I don't get why there's a male interest in the novel, as it doesn't help the plot a bit. That can be omitted, even if the novel's short enough.

     The main character, Aura is likable, though not lovable. Not because she is not a good protagonist, but because she throws and burns her art. Yes this is a small matter but it annoys me. A lot. Still, put that aside and you'll have a good story as you watch Aura grow from a broken girl to a sure and confident young lady proud of her art.
      I also love the development of the relationship between Aura and her mother. Authentic and believable, you sense the love of Aura towards her mother and her fear of losing her mother and herself. This is how good a writer Schindler is.

     The theme of A Blue So Dark is about healing. The relationship between Aura and her mother, Aura and her BFF, Aura's mother and Aura's grandmother and Aura's fear of becoming schizophrenic mends and heals as the dynamic propels the plot forward. Beautiful stuff, as I'd said.

     A little wacky, a little moody and a lot of love, A Blue So Dark is a beautifully crafted literary novel that'll make any literary lover's heart go "zing". Romance fans steer clear, though it doesn't hurt to be moved now and then.

     The cover : Beautiful! And it corresponds in a scene from the novel. You'll find out if you read 'til the end.

Rating: 4.5 stars ( half a star reduced for the unnecessary romance and half a star added for the lyrical writing)

* mild swearing included

For more info about the book or author, please click here

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  1. Thank you for your review. I also found A Blue so Dark a compeling, poignant, yet beautiful read.


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