Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review : PRISONER OF ZENDA by Anthony Hope

Rudolf Rassendyll is a young man in 18th (or is it 19th) century London. He is 29 and he's unemployed. He goes to Ruritania in central Europe for a coronation and by accidence, he met King Rudolf the Fifth. Rudolf and the King are shocked by their near resemblance to each other and here enters the wicked Rupert of Hentzau and his plan to depose the King. At the same time, Rudolf falls in love with the beautiful Princess Flavia, whom King Rudolf is going to marry.

I read the simplified version of the text and boy, was it BORING! I always hadn't like to read simplified version of books, so maybe I was a little prejudiced. The language is simple and the plot boring that I fell asleep halfway through it, even when I'm not supposed to.

The cover : seriously?

Ratings : 2 stars

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