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Reading Bucket List Challenge 2011

1.)  Pick a item off the List.
2.)  Read a book that fits the item.
3.)  Write a Review with the Challenge Button in it somewhere.
4.)  Add your Review to Mr. Linky.
5.)  Visit other Reading Bucket List Challenge Reviews added to the List.
6.)  Watch to see if you win the any of the giveaways.
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                                           Bucket List

**All of the books can be read as Young Adult, Adult, or Mixed**
Read a Book in the Following Genres:
1.       Art
2.       Biography
3.       Chick-Lit
4.       Children’s
5.       Classics
6.       Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga
7.       Coming of Age
8.       Contemporary
9.       Cookbook
10.   Crime
11.   Erotica
              a.       M/F
              b.      M/M
              c.       F/F
             d.      F/M/M
             e.      M/F/F
             f.        F/F/F
             g.       M/M/M
12.   Ethnic
13.   Fantasy
14.   Historical Fiction
15.   Historic
16.   Memoir
17.   Military
18.   Music
19.   Mystery
20.   Non-Fiction
21.   Philosophy
22.   Poetry   I Don't Want To Be Crazy
23.   Religion/Spiritual
24.   Romance
             a.       Young Adult  Marked, Betrayed
             b.      Contemporary
             c.       Historical
             d.      Short Story
25.   Science Fiction
26.   Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Alternate
27.   Suspense/Thriller
28.   Travel
             a.       North America
             b.      South America
             c.       Europe
            d.      Asia
            e.      Australia
            f.        Africa
29.   Utopia, Dystopia

Read Books with the setting or half the setting in the following areas:
1.       Beach/Island
2.       Abroad (any country but US or where you live)
3.       Outer space
4.       Fictional World
5.       Book Store
6.       Clothing store
7.       Forest
8.       Inner City
9.       Country
10.   Carolinas (North or South)
11.   Desert
12.   England
13.   Restaurant
14.   High School/College

1.       Winter
2.       Summer
3.       Fall
4.       Spring

1.       Various Times (ie Time Travel, Youth to Old)
2.       Past/Historical
3.       Present/Contemporary/Modern
4.       Future
Read Books with the Colors dominating the Book Cover:
1.       Green
2.       Blue
3.       Teal
4.       Red   Incarceron
5.       Black
6.       White
7.       Purple   Bounce
8.       Pink
9.       Brown
10.   Grey/Silver
11.   Yellow
12.   Orange

Read Books with Designs/Themes dominating the Book Cover:
1.       Stripes
2.       Polka Dots
3.       Animals
4.       Fruit/Vegetables
5.       Clouds
6.       People Kissing
7.       Sunset/Sunrise
8.       Flowers
9.       Rain/Lighting
10.   Children’s
11.   Trees
12.   Only the Title of Book & Author
13.   Sexy Male
14.   Sexy Female
15.   Triangle Relationship (Clean Romance, Romance, or Erotica)
           a.       M/M/F
           b.      F/F/F
           c.       F/F/M
           d.      M/M/M
16.   House/Building
17.   Assassins
18.   Surfing
19.   Mountain Climbing
20.   Crafting (scrapbooking, knitting)
21.   Movie (book turned movie)
22.   Family
23.   Cheating (getting caught)

Read Books with the Paranormal Themes:
1.       Angels
2.       Demons
3.       Ghosts
4.       Zombies
5.       Vampires
6.       Werewolves
7.       Witches
8.   Mermaids - Selkies

1.       Finish a Series you stared   Last Sacrifice
2.       Start and Finish a series you start in 2011   The Dark
3.       Start a Series  The Named
4.       Read a popular Series

Re Read:
1.       Re Read a Favorite
2.       Re Read a Book you read in High School/College
3.       Re Read a Book you read in your youth
4.       Re Read a Book that you didn’t enjoy the first time
5.       Re Read a Book you forgot what it was about
6.       Re Read a Classic
7.       Re Read a Series

Reading Short Stories:
1.       A single Short Story
2.       Anthology of Short Stories by the same author
3.       Anthology of Short Stories by different authors

Other ways:
1.        Read a e-book
2.       Listen to a Audiobook
3.       Read a book on the computer/phone
4.       Read to someone else

List of Books

1. Marked, P.C & Kristin Cast
2. Betrayed, P.C & Kristin Cast 
3. Last Sacrifice, Richelle Mead 
4. Incarceron, Catherine Fisher 
5. Bounce, Natasha Friend
6. The Named, Marianne Curley
7. The Dark, Marianne Curley
8. I Don't Want To Be Crazy, Samantha Schutz

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