Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review : THE DARK by Marianne Curley

Etha killed Marduke a year ago, and Lathenia, Marduke's lover and the Goddess of Chaos is hell bent on making the Guardian of Time suffer, especially Ethan. Due to the Order' s intervention,one of the future king of Rome is dead, and history's gonna change as we know it. So Isabel, Arkarian and Rochelle are kinda depressed, but Isabel takes it all on herself. On a mission, Arkarian and Isabel were returning to their mortal bodies when the Order kidnaps Arkarian and sends people to kill Arkarian when he was born six hundred years ago. Isabel and Ethan failed the Order's mission, to everyone's relief. Defying direct order of Lorian, head of the Guardians, Isabel, Ethan and Matt(had I mentioned that Matt is one of the Guards? Maybe not) embarks on a journey to the world between to rescue Arkarian.

This novel is awesome! The action heats up and steamy romances pours in. The suspense is compelling and the plot is simply genius(even though I'd already seen some parts of the story before I'd reached the part). Same as the novel before in the trilogy, Curley tells the story from the point of view of Isabel, Arkarian and Ethan. Isabel finally realizes that Arkarian is her soulmate, even when Ethan refuse to accept that Rochelle might be his partner. The part I love most about the story is when the trio is in the world between and were forced to face their innermost secrets. Nice job indeed, Curley.

I love the cover as well as the first book. The cage means trapped, either Sera's ghost or Arkarian or the secrets in everyone's heart I have no idea.

Ratings : 4.5 stars

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