Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review : BOUNCE by Natasha Friend

Evyn Linney loves her dad, Birdie, brother, Mackey and dog, Clam. But when Birdie drops the bommb that he's getting married, Evyn is devastated. She has to leave Maine, Jules, her best friend to Boston and a house of seven. In Boston, Evyn meets her new extended family - Eleni Gartos(the mother), Linnus(the cute one in college that Evyn has a crush on), Thalia(the eighteen year-old), Ajax(a.k.a. Cleanser Boy), Clio and Cassi(the always fighting sweater twins-don't ask) and the youngest, Phoebe. As if sharing a room with the sweater twins is not enough, Mackey-who's nerdy and only knows how to slave dragons-lands a major role in a school play, Jules ditching her, and on top of that, Eleni is pregnant. Watch Evyn as she matures and evolves.
Bounce is a heartwarming tale of a young girl dealing with udden changes-and I mean multiple- in her life. Evyn tries to cope by talking to her mother, nicknamed Stella.Friend did a good job of bringing Evyn in to life. It felt like I was with her, all the time, going through the ups and downs with her.  The supporting characters are good too, adding just enough humor and drama to the story. Through Evyn, the story sends out the message to be optimistic and cheerful. Although short(it's only 200 plus pages), it is a moving story that will leave you smiling in the end. And add the bounce to your feet when your walking next time.

The cover is simple and clean. Who do you think the cover girl is?

Ratings : 4 stars

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