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Review: FRACTURED LIGHT by Rachel McClellan(to be released on 7 Feb, 2012)

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Llona Reese is a loner in Highland High, but in truth, as an Aura, she harnesses the secret powers of Light. She has been laying low for years, not making any close friends. She is the only Aura who's living in human society, powers not honed and orphaned, since her parents had been killed years ago. When a new boy arrives in school, he seems to take an interest in Llona, and sparks seems to fly between them. What Llona doesn't know is, the same person who murdered her parents is set on killing her too.

A new idea in the YA scene, Rachel McClellan brings us a tale of magic, murder and forbidden love.

Okay, first up, the characters. The characters are likable and believable in general, but there are a few characteristics or actions I didn't like on them, especially Llona. She is weak at first and unable to embrace her identity, but she starts to fight halfway through the novel, plus she's not as naive and sheltered as the other Auras. Lovable, right? Wrong. She is rude to her uncle and aunt, and is anti-social to extreme at the beginning. Still, she is likable even though I find her actions a little predictable and anti-social sometimes. And the lover, Christian, is also predictable until the end, even the name is the usual angel/protector kind of name. May, Llona's sort of best friend, is my favorite character, first time ever. Mary is sweet, strong and dependable, and not to mention she can manipulate fire. Gosh, this novel might be the record breaking one of all those I'd read. 

The plot itself is just like the characters, predictable. You think you get a decent novel with fresh plot and voice. Wrong again. It's the usual parents die-I'm so alone-I avoid people-fall for new guy-villain appears-start to fight-happy ending novel. And there are just a lot of cliches in this, not to mention a lot of illogical moments, such as leaving the school in the middle of class without informing anyone, and the angel and demon on your shoulder thingy.

And the writing. It's not bad, but not good either. McClellan's writing keep turning from bad to good to bad over and over again. When you think it couldn't get worse, with a lot of typos and grammar mistakes(of course it's just an ARC), it become flawless engaging writing in the next second.

In short, Fractured Light is a promising idea with failed execution. I enjoy most of the writing and story, but I expect the sequel to be more fluid with the language. If you like paranormal, suspense and romance, and fresh ideas, be sure to read this novel.

The cover is what made me request it on NetGalley. Too bad the content is inconsistent with the cover.

Ratings: 3.5 stars

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