Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater

Grace has been watching the wolf with yellow eyes in her backyard in the winter for years. She knows that he was protecting her, watching her. One chilling winter night, an injured boy, Sam, appears naked on her back porch, bleeding his life out. She helps him inside the house and called the police. Coincidentally, Sam has the same peculiar yellow eyes as her wolf. Instantly, Grace knows that Sam is the wolf that has been watching her all these years, and she knows that her fate is a future with him, even when it meant losing him to the cold every winter.

Long story short, Shiver is a beautiful novel with lovable characters and hypnotizing plot. You'll be swept away by Stiefvater's story almost immediately.

Of course, the characters are to love. Grace, a serious, independent and logical girl is paired with romantic, musically-talented Sam. Their relationship is surprisingly realistic and both of them are highly contrasted. And, I think Sam is just so sweet, he might be my newest book boyfriend(he's the sweetest I'd ever chanced upon!).

Last year I'd read a novel-series actually- with alternating point of view(read my review of The Dark by Marianne Curley here) I felt confused when the point of view was changed. Okay, the narrator was stated at the beginning of the chapter, but I just couldn't feel the voice. With Shiver, I just know when Grace or Sam is talking. No confusion at all.

And the story, oh the story! It was so enchanting and real. Stiefvater created a new world of werewolves and the weather at Mercy Falls just suited the novel perfectly. It was completely different from the regular novels about werewolves, in a good way.

Despite my love of the voice and the plot, I didn't love Stiefvater's writing. It wasn't that her writing was bad, it's just that it wasn't beautiful enough for me. Yes, her writing bordered on lyrical but it just wasn't enough.

Shiver is a mesmerizing novel of werewolves and forbidden love, lithe and clean, impossible to resist.

Ratings: 4 stars

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  1. I haven't heard of this one knocking anyone off their feet, but I am curious to read it.

    IN FACT, I was hoping some other bloggers would be able to help me develop my TBR list by sharing their faves. If you'd like to contribute visit me here Glitter Lit

  2. I LOVED shiver glad u liked it

  3. I did like the writing for this book - can't say the same for the story, I just thought it was kinda boring. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! :) Although I don't like this series very much I loved Stiefvater's other books especially - The Scorpio Races.


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