Friday, November 12, 2010

Review: FALLEN by Lauren Kate

Seeing shadows all her life, Lucinda Price's parents finally had it, and off she went to Swords and Cross. There, she met Penn, and was mysteriously attracted by Daniel Grigori. Yet Daniel didn't seem to be interested in her, though another boy, Cam is. As Penn digs up an old book written by Daniel's ancestor. As the "shadows" keep disturbing her, Luce was about to find the shocking truth about her and Daniel, and the battle between the heavenly creatures she's in the middle of.

Fallen is a enchanting story with a decent pace, grabbing you with its unexpected twists. For the fans of angel and romance, this is a must on your reading list. 

And the dark and moody cover fits perfectly well with the story. Who doesn't love it?

Ratings : 4 star  

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