Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interview : RAYMOND ROSE

Raymond Rose is the author of The Fire Inside and Better Together. He is now a loving husband and the father of two kids. 

Here is my interview with Mr. Rose :

1. What's your opinion on everything's that happening in Egypt right now?
So you asked me this question when Egypt was just starting to go through Arab Spring.  Now, by the time I answer the question, President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down and the transitional government is setting things up.  Obviously, I'm pro-revolution if it means the end to a regime that is suffocating its people.  In many ways, watching what happened this spring must be much like watching what happened in America many, many years ago.  Just without Facebook.

2. What's your thoughts on radioactive substances?
This is definitely one of the many areas where I am not smart enough about such things to have strong opinions.  On the subject of nuclear energy, I guess I'm pro-nuclear.  I would have to be since I live less than three miles from a massive nuclear power plant.  It seems like the safest viable form of energy creation right now (solar and wind energy being just not there yet).  The history of coal and natural gas is littered with bodies.  But, then there's Chernobyl and now Japan.  Such events horrify me.  Plus there's the toxic waste.  All I can say is that we need to step up our game in the solar and wind energy creation.  Short of a windmill or solar panel falling on someone, the risks seem very minor.

3. What's your take on social websites?
Love 'em!  I love Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare (I'm a big user), LinkedIn, GoodReads, and many more that I'm totally forgetting.  I love meeting new people, sharing things, starting events, looking at pictures, talking to people, finding new things, all of it!  We wouldn't have indie authors reaching their audiences right now if it wasn't for Social Media.  The Publishing Revolution is televised... because of Social Media!

4. What's the place you would want to visit at this moment?
Scotland.  I've been dying to go since I read Diana Gabaldon's and Iain Rankin's novels.  I want to walk the streets of Edinburgh, stroll through Inverness, hike the Highlands.  I want to go to Scotland so bad.  Soon enough.  Right now I've got small kids so traveling's been put on the kibosh.  But soon enough...


Raymond's books : 

Paul Rhoads, a successful horror novelist, has moved back to his hometown in Pennsylvania.  Moving back home turns out to be more than just returning to his roots but starting up a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Annie.  Annie, recently divorced, is the mother of a precious eight month old, Max.  However, when Annie dies in a freak car accident, Paul finds himself catapulted into the role of father and decides to do something he would never have imagined himself doing: raise Max as his own.

Jack’s life isn’t the most exciting but it’s a life. One that he’s created over the past ten years to suit him. That is, until Bruce, Jack’s best friend comes to town. Bruce, a Federal Agent, is on an uber-secret mission to save the city. Instead, he’s murdered. Suddenly, Jack has no choice but to become what he was before: a crime-fighter.

Ten years ago, Jack and Bruce were Teen Protectors, costumed crime-fighters under the tutelage of their mentors, The Protectors. One night, a horrible battle erupted between superheroes and villains that left half of the city ruined and thousands dead. The government banned all superpowers and Jack, presumed dead, remained that way.

However, now, Bruce is dead and Jack sets out to solve his best friend’s murder. With the help of new allies (including a man who can turn invisible and a woman who can become pure information), villains old and new (including his ex-girlfriend) bent to stop him, Jack will walk a world he left – a world more complicated and dangerous than he ever knew – and find some answers.

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Twitter : @TheRaymondMRose

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