Thursday, July 28, 2011


       Artemis Fowl receives a clue about his father's wherabouts from Russia. When he is about to leave for the rescue, LEP officer Holly Short "kidnapped" him to the Lower Element to investigate about the recent illegal smuggling of human alkaline batteries. But Artemis and Butler were proved innocent. Eager to catch the mastermind of this business, Commander Julius Root made a deal with Artemis : the LEPs help him find his father in return for Artemis' help to find out the smuggler. When Artemis, Commander Root, Holly and Butler arrived at the Arctic circle, they were ambushed by goblins. The four escaped just by scratch. Meanwhile, down at the Lower Elements, the B'wa Kells opened fire on the faeries. With Foaly, the smartest one in the Lower Elements, it's up to the four at the Arctic Circle to save the day.

          The Arctic Incident hooks you up from the very beginning. Full of action and wit (though not much suspense), it sure will make you wanna have some more. The plot was mere brilliance - it sparks your imagination. You will focus on not only the main character, but also the minor characters. The chemistry between the bunch are strong, and one couldn't survive without the other. Relationships in the novel ends up in a lot of ways, as original hatred changes to respect. The lively description let me be with the characters all the time. Dialogues written at the right amount and some parts will make you chuckle a little. Best part is The Arctic Incident can be read alone or read as a series.

Cover : it looks flashier in my hands.

Rating : 4.5 stars

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