Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review : BROKEN SOUP by Jenny Valentine

      Jack Clark died when he was sixteen. Since then, her mother has been shocked into a shell, unable to work or even take care of her other two children. Mr. Clarke filed a divorce and left Rowan and her little sis, Stroma in the custody of their mother. Little did he know that now his ex-wife could only lay in bed all day sleeping, leaving her two children to fend for themselves. So, Rowan has to take care of her sister and mother, and preventing her father to sense out the truth, in fear of sending her mother to the hospital. When a stranger picks up her photo negative which doesn't really belongs to her, it changes her life. She made a new friend, Bee who was in the store that day and developed the photo negative. The photo was developed! It was Jack, more alive than ever! It sent Rowan into a confusion : who was the stranger and why did he gave her the photo negative?

      Broken Soup is a story that will make your heart wrench, nose run and tears spill. The plot was beautiful. It's unimaginable how a normal family broke down after the death of one member., and the endless grieving.The main character was strong, though a little lost, but she eventually found hope and love.  The starting was a little cliched though, with a withdrawn mother and children to defend themselves after a death of their dearest. Rowan, as the main character, has a clear and lively voice, eventhough I'd found some details unnecessary. Yet you'll find yourself empathizing with Rowan after the first few pages.The supporting characters are well written too : young and chatty Stroma, quiet Bee who has a younger brother to tend to, Carl, Bee's teenaged dad, and Harper Greene, the second most important character in Broken Soup. Valentine skillfully portrayed the mind of a sixteen year old, drawing us in to the world of loss and heartbreak. Life after death is never easy, but it helps when you don't have to go through it alone.

      The cover : simple and sweet. And very pinkish.

Rating : 4 stars

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