Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review : THE PLEDGE by Kimberly Derting

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Charlaina "Charlie" Hart tries to keep her daily routine while rebels are trying to overthrow the ruler, Queen Sabara in violent Ludania. She seems to be a normal girl in the Vendor class, but she is not what she seems to be, and neither is her little sister, Angelina. Charlie can understand Englaise, Pashon and other languages she shouldn't be able to understand, and if anyone finds out about her secret ability, it could mean not only her death, but also her family's. When she is unreasonably drawn to a handsome guy who seems to know her secret, the very fabric that builds her life starts to dissolve, while her parents wants to keep she and her sister hidden from the truth that will shatter life as they know it.

     I love The Pledge. Love. It. A little dystopian and a little fantasy. The idea that languages can separate you into classes, and you can't change which class you're born into is quite interesting. Harsh, I know. Too bad Derting didn't create new languages like what Christopher Paolini did in Eragon.

     The novel is well paced, there wasn't a page lacking of suspense and thrill. Language flowing and descriptive. It's told in Charlie's voice and the all-knowing narrator, since some of the moments crucial for understanding the plot doesn't happen to Charlie. I couldn't flip through (or rather, click through) the pages fast enough.

     Charlie strikes me as a very protective sister, and she has a very strong and clear voice. She's brave with very few flaws. She's in love with the prince, but I don't find the immediate irresistible draw to a stranger convincing. And I don't get why the prince likes her so much, even when he barely knows her. Perhaps a few more scenes from Derting could explain the romance. Charlie just wasn't as lively as Katniss Everdeen in the The Hunger Games (my review here). Angelina is just lovable, and honestly, I like her a little(just a little) more than the older sister. I would like to see Charlie's magical power develop in the sequel, since her power is so limited in The Pledge.

     The ending is sort of a closure for The Pledge, but written in a way that you're sure that there will be a sequel. Precise and gripping, I just can't wait for the next novel in the trilogy(yes, you heard me right : it's a trilogy!). 

     Overall, The Pledge is a decent novel. However, I read the novel because of it's plot instead of the characters.

     The cover is so dang gorgeous! Black, my sort of cover! Just the image of Charlie wasn't the one I imagined and there's no mention of a dress with hood made out of black silk.

Ratings : 4 stars

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