Monday, October 17, 2011

Review : PASSION by Lauren Kate

Passion is another volume in the Fallen series, picking off where Torment(my review here) ended. Luce just witnessed a battle against the fallen angels, now shed stepped into the past through an Announcer, determined to find out a way to break the curse that condemns their love, and witness her own death and Daniel's heartbreak repeatedly. While hopping from one past to another, Luce gets the accompaniment of Bill. Bill shows Luce the way to cleave- emerging into the body of your past self. Meanwhile, Daniel hops chases Luce into the past, but every time he arrives, Luce left a minute ago. Who is the stranger Bill? Why is he helping Luce? Can Daniel catch Luce before she alters the future into one which doesn't hold neither Luce or Daniel?

     Passion continues the story of Luce and Daniel, working the story into the messy past. The plot is somewhat quite expected, only I didn't foresee the role of a demon in it. Luce went away, find out the secret of their curse, Daniel finds her, end of story. Yet it is not how it turned up. The ending anyway. Good pace, smooth language, enough steam where Daniel is concerned.

     Luce, the main character, is - I'm gonna say it! - annoying. Sometimes she acts like a mindless schoolgirl who is blinded by love. She tries to alter the past so the curse will break, and gets into a hell lot of trouble. Why can't she stay content with Daniel? Anyway, she redeems herself when she finally save Danial a heartbreak and not kill herself in attempt to break the curse. Yes, she's going to kill herself, and I'm not telling ya why.
     Fallen angel Daniel is his usual sweet, endearing self. Trying to save Luce, he witnesses his own heartbreaks after Luce's deaths. He is just so full of love for Luce. Daniel, get over her and come to me, please! I won't treat you the way Luce did! It just kills me that Daniel gets hurt time over time because of Luce's decisions and now he has to save her from herself. 

    Another tiny flaw of Passion is the very hot and steamy romance scenes. Too much, Kate! Some of the scenes were so intimate that I feel embarrassed watching them. Please, spare me. Yet the love between Luce and Daniel was so pure and realistic.

     Cut down the steam and Luce's slightly annoying acts and you'll have a good novel. I just hope the sequel, Rapture, wouldn't be a mess of repeating past and kiss like Passion. I'll be rooting for Daniel even more right now. Eagerly waiting to know how the tragic story of the star-crossed lovers will end.
     The cover is simply amazing, the Luce isn't the Luce I imagined. Er Kate, shouldn't the rose in Luce's hand be a peony?

Ratings : 4 stars ( I gave half a star more because of Daniel)

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