Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review : CONFESSIONS by Kate Brian

Reed Brennan is the new Billings girl in superposh Easton Academy. There, she tries to make a new image of herself as a popular and outgoing student. She gets closer to her goal when Thomas Pearson starts hitting on her. But when Thomas turns up dead, Reed's new boyfriend, Josh Hollis is taken away as a murderer. Reed's gut instinct tells her that Josh is not a killer, and that the real murderer is still out on the lose. But with everyone worrying about the trips on Thanksgiving, or whether the cashmere is warm enough, finding the killer without any help seems impossible. 

This 200 pages plus novel is an installment of a Private series. Gripping and face paced, it will keep you reading non stop. The plot is interesting, filled with suspense (there's murder involved!) with an unexpected outcome, making total sense, even if it's a little different from what ordinary boarding school students might experience. Every reader will relate to the main characters needs of  fitting in desperately, no matter the costs. The side characters are a little annoying though playing perfect roles in the plot. One thing I don't like is not getting to read the whole series, but it's hardly the authors fault in writing!

To me  the cover is only so-so. I don't love it, only like it.

Ratings : 4 stars

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