Friday, June 17, 2011

Review : FORSAKEN by Jana Oliver

Riley Blackthorne is an Apprentice Demon Trapper. She's following her father's footsteps, aspiring to be the best. However tough it might be in an Atlanta full of demons, she coped with life with her father by her side. But when her father dies, Riley must face life on her own -  and life has thrown a Grade 5 demon and 3 hot guys at her face.

The novel is written in a fast and precise pace, there always seems to have drama enfolding at every page. Just when I thought I have the next conflict correctly predicted, Oliver proves me wrong(not every time though). The author had my heart wrenching and collapsing in every sad scene(warning : a lot of sad scenes!), felling every thing the character feels and keeping me on edge. The main character, Riley, like most female protagonists in YA lit, is strong and witty. But I would like it better of she doesn't  yell in fear everytime she sees a bigger sized Hellspawn. I see 3 potential love interest in the beginning but it turns out one of them is not boyfriend material. One space left but it is not filled out until more than halfway through the book. That annoys  me. Overall, an original and heartbreaking story.

For the cover, one word : Devilish!

Ratings : 4.5 stars

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