Friday, October 22, 2010

Review : BRIGHID'S QUEST by P.C Cast

The story happens three months after Cuchulainn leaving MacCallen Castle. Brighid, a centaur with High Shaman's blood in her veins, went to the Wasteland to bring back Cuchulainn. When she arrived, she found nothing as expected. The New Fomorians were lively and joyous, no trace of  darkness lurking inside them, but Cuchulainn's soul was shattered, wandering in the Spirit Realm.  So Brighid, Cuchulainn and the New Fomorians began a journey back to Partholon. Along the journey, Brighid and Cuchulainn had bonded, and developed a love they'd never acknowledge. Brighid's sister, Niam, brought a message that their mother had died of  one of the MacCallen soldiers' trap, and their brother was about to wage a war against them. Along with Cuchulainn, Brighid went to Centaur Plains. After overcoming a few obstacles, Brighid finally found who she is.

Brighid's Quest is the sequel to Elphame's Choice. It tells the story of Brighid, how she faced difficulties and choices, and found love along the way. Cast portrayed Brighid as a strong, stunning centaur, running away from her corrupted mother. In the core, Brighid's Quest has the same theme as Elphame's Choice- finding yourself. To me, the language was lively and colorful, fully describing the struggles and choices the characters faced. Perfect for fantasy and romance lovers.
* Mature reader required

The cover is a eye catcher, definitely! Love it!

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