Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Richelle Mead

The book starts in Rosemarie Hathaway's voice.She was a dhampir, best friend of royal Moroi,Vasilisa Dragomir. The two best buds were sent back to the Academy after two years of running. At the Academy, Rose formed a bond with badass Guardian Dimitri Belikov, plus learning more about Lissa's ability to control Spirit. But when Victor Dashkov kidnapped Lissa, Rose and Dimitri were forced to confront their feelings towards each other and rescue Lissa together.

Vampire Academy is a fresh YA novel regarding vampires. What's so different about this book is that Mead builds her story around folklore -  dhampirs, Morois, Strigois and Guardians. Mead sculpts Rose as a tough, witty heroin with an always ready comeback. The action packed story haven't any lack of humorous moments, though it has its fair share of tense moments. Rose's friendship with Lissa, and most of all, Rose's relationship with Dimitri will make you hungry for the sequel.

The beautiful girl makes a good portrayal of Rose, though I think her hair should be darker.

Ratings : 4 stars 

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