Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review : ELPHAME'S CHOICE by P.C Cast

The story took place in Partholon, where magic and miracle happens. Elphame, a young maiden whose lower body was fashioned like a centaur, went to rebuild MacCallen Castle, her ancestor’s living place. There, she found her ability to connect with stones, loads of followers, Dhianna Herd’s Brighid, and a sense of belonging. In a hunt, Elphame injured herself, and was bleeding to death, until a winged man with talons stopped her bleeding. The winged man was Lochlan, and he was a New Fomorian from the Wasteland beyond the mountains. Regardless of his dark heritage, Elphame sworn herself to Lochlan and him her. Elphame, MacCallen’s chieftain, had found love, so does Cuchulainn. He had won over little Brenna, a Healer who was scarred. Elphame cut her own wrist to let Lochlan’s tainted blood to flow in her veins to save the New Foorians. After that, the people at MacCallen Castle were learning to accept Lochlan, while broken hearted Cuchulainn went to the Wasteland to bring back the other Fomorian hybrids.

Elphame's Choice is a good read about choices and struggles. Cast's words crafted Partholon as a lively, serene place. Descriptions of scenes were solid and colorful, thus making the reading enjoyable. The book reveals how main character of the book, Elphame struggled to find a sense of belonging  She brought herself to MacCallen Castle, and finally found what she's been craving for. And she's not the only one to find her desires, Brenna, a scarred maiden found belonging and , yes, love at MacCallen Castle. Brighid, a centaur also went to MacCallen to find a place she would be accepted. The story also reveals Lochlan's struggles of whether or not to fulfill the Prophecy to save his people. As the plot builds, the author threw in an unexpected twist when Elphame cut her wrist to save the New Fomorians. The New Fomorians were saved, and Elphame had finally found what she's looking for- belonging and love. It's a lovely story of finding yourself, and about sacrifices and love.
 * Mature readers required

The cover portrays Elphame perfectly, though it isn't what I'd  expect after reading the book.

Ratings : 4 stars

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