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After banishing Kalona, the group starts reorganizing and spends the night at Benedictine Alley. Zoey dump Erick after quarrelling with him for his jealousy. The kids went back to the Tulsa House of Night, and find Dragon’s mate, Anastasia Lankford dead, the doing of Rephaim, Kalona’s favorite Raven Mocker son. Aphrodite’s vision and Zoey’s dreams bring them to Venice, St. Clementine Isle, where the Vampire High Council is, and where Neferet and Kalona is. Meanwhile, Stevie Rae stays behind as Vampire High Priestess and tending an injured Raven Mocker-you guessed it – Rephaim. What danger will Zoey and her friends face now? Will anyone die, again?  

 Zoey’s soul is shattered as of witnessing someone’s –I’m not gonna tell you who- death. Stark, Darius and Aphrodite follow Kramisha’s prophetic poems to the Isle of Sgiach in Ireland, the island of an old warrior queen. Goddess Nyx seems to bless Aphrodite a lot, but she put more favor on the human prophetess as she decides to start speaking through Aphrodite. Back in Tulsa Stevie Rae continues to care for Rephaim until he recovers, while dealing with rogue red fledglings. If the three fail to watch out, they will get burned.

Zoey has returned from the Otherworld and is spending time on Sgiach, learning how to use her powers and the old magick, still heartbroken and unwilling to face the real world. Back at the House of Night, Stevie Rae fights back to counteract the influence of Neferet and sort out her link to Rephaim. Both of them will learns that only by facing their secrets that they could survive.

Zoey Redbird has started a new House of Night in the tunnels with her friends, but is devastated when she finds out of her mother's death. Rephaim, gifted with human form at night by the Goddess, struggles to resist the pull of his father’s call and to retain his humanity. Aurox, Neferet’s vessel given by Darkness, does Neferet’s bidding but reminds Zoey of Heath.


     The House of Night series started out great, but sad to say, I have to agree with most of the reviewers. Starting from book 4 or 5, the scenes and plotlines has become redundant and repeating. Sure, the threats are different but are almost the same, by the villains and well, feel. A new threat is introduced, there are prophetic poems and visions, the group figure things out, they save the world at the nick of time. And the threat is always Neferet. I’m sick of her already! Please, the Casts should kill her off at least three books ago.

     Plot aside, the writing was realistic, though the swearing is getting out of hand. The Casts has a way of making you feel excited and eager for what’s happening next. The characters well developed but Aphrodite’s a lil’ annoying, Erick’s a lil’ clingy, Stark’s dumb sometimes and Zoey, please, you have responsibility, so stop slacking off. And I don't like the pop references(iPhones, iPads...). Too much and too way too much. If I re-read the novels years later I just might find myself wondering what those things were.

     Way to kill a series, I have to say. The series started with promising prospect but now, it’s getting bad. Real bad. Still, I love the House of Night series despite the repeative plot.

For the covers: Love ‘em all except for the Destined cover. Still, US covers are my favorite.

Ratings: 4 stars (half a star for the effort, even though the novels doesn’t deserve the rating)

* For mature readers

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  1. they nevr really intrigued 2 me to read them
    tnx 4 the heads up

    happy new year


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